Secrets to Practice Self Care During Your Monthly Cycle


Self-care during your monthly cycle requires a change in mindset. For instance, you are not in PMS and then not in PMS.  

SoloMoms! Talk podcast guest Dorit Palvanov explains that women have four cycles. Not two like we always thought. 

Part of practicing self-care is knowing when to take a step back and give your body the rest it needs. You can incorporate ways to take care of yourself into your daily life. 

Part of this self-care is to teach our spouses and children how to help. They can learn how to make things easier the time comes and you need to rest. But it takes effective communication and preparation on your part.

But what if we don't have the luxury of a partner or bigger children who can assume some of your responsibilities while we rest? Especially since you may not be considered sick.  

You can seek the help of others in your circle like friends, neighbors, and relatives. See my free tip sheet for ideas on how to go about this.

Dorit discovered the truth about how our hormones are affected by our cycles. On this week's podcast, we discussed: 

1. Women have four cycles, not two

2. That time of the month you need to take some time to give your body time to recharge.

3. Find a way to ask for help. Teach others around you how to help

4. Tired, weary and drained is not how you are supposed to feel.


Download my free tip sheet on how to practice self-care during your cycle.


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