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June 14, 2022

Finding Your Power After Sexual Trauma w/Renee Simpson

Finding Your Power After Sexual Trauma w/Renee Simpson

Renee Marie Simpson is a busy solo mom who advocates for sexual assualt awareness in Australia. But that's just the beginning. She runs group/support programs and is really passionate about supporting, young women.

Along with her friend, Renee used her gap year to take a sailing trip across the ocean. During the trip they experienced a category 5 cyclone, mechanical failures and a host of other issues.

The onslaught of Murphy's law made Renee stop to take stock of her life. No longer in an alcohol induced haze, she remembered being raped by her friend's boyfriend. She was encouraged not to report the crime because she spoke to the wrong person.

At the time Australia also had laws on the books that fined rape victims up to $10,000 for speaking about being raped. Thankfully the #metoo Movement inspired change with initiatives such as #LettHerSpeak.

Still Renee was holding or masking so much trauma. I've learned that those monsters we keep stuffing under our beds will one day not have enough room and will come bursting out.

She finally acknowledged all the sexual trauma she had experience from the age of six years old.

What to do if you're suffering in silence after sexual abuse (16:16). Some helpful discussion on healing yourself follows.

Grab a copy of Renee's book detailing her experiences: I Want To Go Home: Reclaiming power after sexual.

"This book is all about acknowledging the trauma, we hold in our bones." ~ Renee Marie Simpson

Connect with Renee on her website. On social: @reneemariesimpsonauthor

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