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Powerful Ways You Can Live In Abundance





Living in abundance takes extraordinary courage. It's hard to jump into the deep end to see what you are truly capable of doing, being, or having. It's even harder to stay there.  Especially when all around you negativity and the worst that can happen is on the forefront.  Media promotes the worst of times.  Your friends and families scoffs at your dreams and desires. 

Wars and conflict make us afraid to make changes and improve our lives.  And doubt creeps in life flood waters through the crack in concrete foundation.

But you can live in abundance by adopting these powerful ways beginning with faith in God.  Also by setting and achieving goals regularly, taking care of your mind and body, being a good steward of your finances, owning where you live, traveling often, maintaining strong connections, practicing regular self-care, and developing rituals that can make you mentally and physically strong.  You can little by little move towards a life of abundance.

To live in abundance, you will have to learn to use your fear to propel — rather than bound — you forward to your goals.  Whatever your desires, they can be achieved.  You can live in abundance.

“You only ever have three things: 1) yourself, wellbeing, and mindset; 2) your life network, resources and resourcefulness; and 3) Your reputation and goodwill.  Treasure and tend the first. Value, support, and build the second. And mindfully, wisely ensure that the third (your life current and savings account) are always in credit.” ~~ Rasheed Ogunlaru

Start by changing the way you think about what’s possible.  Decide what you want and know that it’s possible to achieve your desires.  These will be your objectives for which you must write down.

By changing your mindset you can make that 2mm shift that can make a massive difference in how you take action towards your goals.

2 mm shift: “small changes can have massive results”. Tony Robbins

At the end of each year we make plans to do better the next year.  We make a resolution to lose weight or work smarter or make more money.  But the truth is that sporadic changes may only make small dents in your plans.  

The 2mm shift is incremental (ongoing). Whereas sporadic changes stop and go.  You never really make any significant change in your life because you are not consistent in your actions.

It takes massive action to move the needle to achieve meaningful results. You will have to play full out if you want a healthy mind and body, control over your finances, and develop strong connections.

You will also have to believe it’s possible.  It can happen for you.

“Life is happening for you, not to you”. ~~ Tony Robbins

Don’t waste time worrying about problems you can’t solve. Believe that God has your back and spend your time on work that matters.  Having faith doesn’t make you weak. Trusting in the One who knows all things is the wisest decision you could make. 

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you.” (Proverbs.  4:6)

Faith frees you to live in abundance. Then take action by setting goals and executing them.

Living in abundance takes hard work, but it’s worth it. It takes courage to take risks, follow your dreams, and experience life in its fullness.

This is an ongoing post.  Stay tuned each week for a new Powerful Way You can Live in Abundance.


Faith in God

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. Hebrews 11:1 (NKJV))

It is easy to have faith when things are going well. But to live with abundance, you have to walk outside your comfort zone.  You have to make decisions sometimes without having a clear path.  To take action when you don’t see a clear path takes unwavering faith.  

 You have to have faith over fear.

“Faith: visualization of and belief in attainment of desire” ~~Napoleon Hill, Thanks and Grow Rich

You know what you want. Or maybe you don’t.  Maybe you have a feeling that there’s something better out there for you.  Or you should be doing something else with your life.

 It’s time for you to uncover your talent from where you hid it.  Someone is waiting in the dark for your light to shine.

It’s time to take massive action.

Taking massive action requires faith in something or someone bigger than yourself.  The reason you are scared to take action is because what you think you need to do seems out of your reach. Out of your comfort zone.

I understand you are scared.  But it’s time to exercise faith. Faith in your God given abilities. 

Faith in God.

"For ...without faith it’s impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6. NIV).

 To have faith is to trust that what you believe will happen.  Regardless of your current circumstances.  But it’s also a belief in a God who has your best interest at heart.  

That takes absolute faith.

When I packed my two youngest sons into our Toyota Camry and moved 900 miles to accept a two week job.  I was exercising faith.  

I wasn’t sure where I would live.  I didn’t know if the job would last longer than two weeks.  Or if they would change their mind and I would have to turn around.  I was scared.

But my faith kept me going.  It was almost thirteen years later that I left that company.  

Our lives changed for the better.  


I put my faith in God even though the move didn’t seem to make any sense.  I trusted that he would guide me to a hope and a future.  I had faith that life would work out somehow.  

Crazy faith” is thought and actions that lack reason but trusting fully in what you cannot explicitly prove” ~~Mike Todd

So faith doesn't mean you wait around for something to fall in your lap.  It happens like that sometimes.  But even trusting is an act in itself.  

Many instructions exist in scriptures as to how we can live abundant lives.  Books like Proverbs and Ecclesiastes talk about how to live.  

Jesus gave instructions in Matthew 5:3-17 and Matthew 6:25-34.  But that’s just the beginning.  The entire Bible is laced with wisdom on how to live our everyday lives.  Wisdom that can help you even if you don’t believe in God.



I know you may distrust scriptures because of religious dogma.  The word of God has been misinterpreted and misrepresented so much that it leaves even Christians confused about what to believe.

What I know for sure is that God wants us to prosper.  He wants us, his creation, to live an abundant life.  We don’t need to wait for him to do or say more.  We just need to act.  Because faith without work is dead.  

Act on what you know for sure.  His grace is sufficient to keep you going.

“But how”?  You ask.  Follow these action steps to help you grow your faith:

  1. Read the Bible. It is the indisputable word of God.  If you don’t own a copy, search online.  This Woman's Day post  lists 36 Bible verses on faith. 
  2. Ask (God) Holy Spirit to explain what you don’t understand
  3. Listen to different Bible teachers online or on YouTube.  Just listen and see who’s speaking to your soul.
  4. Join a bible study group. Many churches now have small online groups that you can join no matter where you live.  Keep trying until you feel comfortable with one.  
  5. Keep praying and believing
  6. Remove negativity from your life: media, toxic individuals, and habits that keep you bound.
  7. Take action 


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