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Parenting teens and young adults brings its own set of challenges.  Teens can seem to morph into a totally different specie overnight.  

Raising teens and young adults is still very fresh in my mind.  So I feel equipped to help you navigate parenting from a position of love and understanding.  

We are a community of solo (married, single, widowed, divorced) moms with common goals and aspirations. 

This is also a time when you may be looking towards being an empty nester, taking retirement, or being your own boss.

Join the community.  Attend a Meet Up.  Listen to the podcast

I'm confident you will find resources that benefit you in a practical and personal way. Because SoloMoms! Talk is about you creating and empowering your best self.  So you can become a better person, parent/co-parent, and partner.



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I interview solo moms from around the world who share their stories of struggles and triumph.


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Connect with other moms in our free Community, where you will benefit from shared experience. 


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Attend Meet Up: Build connections;  Get answers from experts;   Share struggles & your triumph. And unlike social media, no judgement. 
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Studies show maintaining healthy connections help you live longer.   Gain clarity from our shared experience.

These events are designed to give you a safe judgment free place to ask questions or share your experiences.  

You can also listen to interviews with experts.  Sometimes you will even be able to ask the expert a question. 

Awesome, right?

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Join Community or attend a Connect Meet Up.  It's a great way to start if you are ready to gain clarity of purpose.  One or both is a great place to start when you are looking for a safe and warm place to connect.

Free Community Group 

Connect with moms like you to gain perspective and clarity.  A safe place to:

  • Ask or answer questions
  • Connect with solo moms globally
  • Find answers through shared experience

This group is designed for you to connect on the go with the included app.

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SoloMoms! Talk Podcast

Hear the stories of solo moms just like you.  Click button below for more options.

 You can also hear experts share strategies on effective co-parenting, getting and staying healthy, building healthy relationships, and so much more.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m J. Rosemarie. My goal is to reduce the number of solo moms globally. 

When I became a solo mom I had trouble with feeling alone and bouts of low self-worth. Through a discovery group which I got training to facilitate, I gained the techniques to change my mindset. So I could become a better person and parent.

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