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March 17, 2022

Surprising Ways to Deal With Addiction in Your Family

Surprising Ways to Deal With Addiction in Your Family

SoloMoms! Talk Podcast: Episode 5 | Season 3 w/Heather Ross

Studies show that there is some link between childhood abuse and addiction. Does that mean that obtaining healing from childhood abuse can help those who are fighting with an addiction? 

Whatever the cause or reason, addiction affects the entire family.  Parents are often distraught when a child turns to addictive behavior.  You may feel guilty because you've convinced yourself that it's something you did.  

I know I kept asking myself what I did wrong.  But I'm learning that it's never that simple.

Also, children can feel neglected or abandoned when a parent is struggling with addiction.  Especially if the addiction disrupts the mom's responsibilities.  One reason could be that substance abuse and depression can co-occur in women.

Drug or alcohol addiction statistics are especially scary. Consider that in 2003, there were nearly 20,000 deaths directly attributed to drug use both legal and illegal.

Of those deaths, about 3 percent were to people 21 years of age and under.

Statistics on rehabilitation center admissions also paint a sad picture of drug addiction. In 2006, there were over 175,000 people who checked themselves into a rehab facility.

The reason for admittance into rehab may be disheartening. But seeking help is the best way to start addressing the issue.  If you can't do it by yourself.  There's help available. 

It's discouraging though that an estimated 5 percent of those people returned to using drugs after they were released.  

It can be a big bad world out there for adults and children alike. We may sincerely want to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to addiction but we can't.

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse has only increased during COVID-19. 

This survey reminds us that addiction can afflict us in many ways, especially under stressful situations.

We don't know what the effect of increased substance use will have on our society because of lockdown.  But we can find ways to care for ourselves and our family members by being vigilant and seeking help when we need it.

SoloMoms! Talk podcast guest Heather Ross discusses her struggles with her daughter's addiction. 

She emphasizes that addiction is a family affair. Therefore, it's important that family members get the professional help and support they need as well.  

Finally, it should be noted that addiction is not limited to substance abuse.  You can be addicted to a thing, substance, or activity by obsessing over it.   

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