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The Reasons Why My Podcast is About Solo Moms




The reason my podcast is about solo moms is summed up in one phrase, "you are not alone".  While the solo mom experience comes with unique challenges, none of us is alone.  Millions of divorced, widowed, and single moms have dedicated their lives to the healthy growth of their children.

Determined to break generational patterns, they forge ahead despite some stiff winds of difficulties they face.


I’ve spent the last 30 + years in some area of finance.

The last 12 years or so for a multinational investment bank on Wall Street.  Before that I was a successful real estate salesperson. And prior to that 20 + years in insurance sales and underwriting, including owning my own agency.

Being a Solo Mom

But the job I’m most proud of is being a mom to my three sons.  Life’s not without its challenges. And raising children solo has to be one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had.  

Still despite the missteps and the disappointments, I wouldn’t exchange the experience for anything.   

I would have absolutely wished for an easier life.  But I believe all the things I’ve overcome -- broke with bad credit, physically and mentally unhealthy, crippled by fear and broken -- have prepared me for this moment.

A moment when I look back over the last twenty years and know that the challenges and experience was a mastermind of sort.  Learning to heal myself; being a mentor, provider, and protector to my sons; and learning to trust a God who loves me enough to provide the security I needed.

This is why I do this.  I would do it for free. But I believe SoloMoms! Podcast would be even more successful if I’m not doing it for free.

You are not alone

But this is not just about me.  It is the story of the millions of single moms worldwide who are still struggling.  And it’s about the millions more who have found the strength to push through despite hardships, to raise successful kids.  Moms like Ayami Hiroshighe and Sonia Manboarde.  

Some are moms who have worked through the tragedies of their pasts.  These moms remain focused on helping others, while they steer their children away from destructive generational patterns they endured.

My desire is to provide a place where solo moms can tell their stories.  SoloMoms! talk is also a place where you can speak your truth, while getting exposure for the work you continue to do on yourself. And for others.

So don’t give up. You are not alone.




Staying Focused Through Mindfulness - Ayami Hiroshige

Episode 15 • 13th November 2019 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie













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"Our kids are worth it... and they'll see all the hard work that you've done." ~ Ayami Hiroshighe

Ayami Hiroshige is a solo mom of a 12-year-old daughter and two "bonus children". Her top advice for solo moms is to know that whatever situation you are going through it passes and.. tomorrow is a new day.  She practices mindfulness by meditating and journaling.  

Ayami loves to help moms of high schoolers as well as small businesses and startups.  Check her out at www.ayamihiroshige.com and @ayamihiroshige.

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