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When I wrote the Single Mom Manifesto in 2015, I was new to the awareness that single mothers were a special breed of moms. May I dare say, a very special breed of humans! I realized that we are often misunderstood even by those who are in similar situations.

For instance, I once asked a single mom if I could interview her for my podcast. She told me that she wasn’t a single mom. Even though she was unmarried and the father of her children was in another country.

During research for my podcast I ventured upon more than one rant from men who had some very choice words for “all” single moms because they had a bad experience with one or many.

 The other thing I discovered after almost two years of interviewing single moms from around the world is that you can be married and still be raising your children solo.

Take for example, Allison. Mom of two sons married to a man who created children with two additional women, during their 15 years of marriage.

Or Diji who after working all day, strapped her young child around her pregnant belly while running errands. This while her unsupportive husband and the father of her children slept.

A solo mom can be a widow. Like Shaniqua whose husband died of a heart attack at 39 years old leaving her to care for their young son alone. I could tell you more stories but you can listen to them on my podcast SoloMoms! Talk.

Hence my embrace of the term solo mom. 

Our skins encompass vibrant hues from the creamiest white to the tone of rich dark chocolate. And whether rich or poor. Elegant or awkward. None of our differences are significant enough to compete with the love we have for our children.


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