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May 17, 2022

Mental Health Conversations With Women in India w/Aishwarya Gupta

Mental Health Conversations With Women in India w/Aishwarya Gupta

Aishwarya Gupta is a 16 year old high school student and the host of Make a Change Podcast.

She encourages "unashamed conversations" with women about mental health. What motivated this young woman to notice the plight of women in her community during the pandemic?

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Aishwarya Gupta Profile Photo

Aishwarya Gupta

Podcaster, Blogger and Founder & Head of The Little Library

My name is Aishwarya and I am a 16-year-old high school girl currently hosting the show Make A Change: Let's Drive To More Unashamed Conversations! The show's season 1 was based on mental health and now after a huge success of season 1, I started working on season 2 which is entirely based on women and their problems in today's generation. I along with the various celebrity guests talk on the same. I am also a blogger with reader from more than 150+ countries, just want to make a difference through my speaking and writing skills.

An year back, I started with my initiative called The Little Library where one can issue and donate books without any charges. This initiative was taken to indulge more and more children in traditional books. It is the first community library in my area and we have more than fifty thousand books.

I am on a journey to prove that age is just a number with this equation I completed 7 internships and 4 part-time jobs in various different fields.