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Feb. 20, 2022

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Burnout w/Maggie Perotin

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Burnout w/Maggie Perotin

Maggie Perotin was raised by a solo mom and is currently living in a blended family. Maggie helps women become high-performing leaders of their businesses. She gives them strategies to avoid hassle and overwhelm while strategically building their business for the long term.

04:15 - We need to grow first before we grow our business

05:09 - Start and then build your skills on an ongoing basis

05:27 - What is leadership - Lead by example

07:01 - How to avoid burnout: #1 Be clear on what you want.

16:20 - Her advice to solo moms: drop the perfectionist mindset

When we are mothers we can forget that we need to pace ourselves not only in our personal life but in our professional life as well.

Connect w/Maggie @ www.stairwaystoleadership.com

FB: Women Entrepreneurs With Passion 4 Life

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