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May 3, 2022

Money Management Principles From a Biblical Perspective w/Leo Marte

Money Management Principles From a Biblical Perspective w/Leo Marte

Many misconceptions exist around the Bible and how we manage our finances.

Personal finance advisor, Leo Marte breaks down several Biblical principles as they relate to how we manage money.


  • How money management is different for the believers (03:23)
  • The connection between Abraham and wealth? (04:59)
  • Biblical giving (09:13)
  • The principle of generational wealth (15:01)

Take care of your most basic needs, your shelter, your food, your transportation take care of your future needs so that you are protected when you can no longer work, but also start thinking about the legacy that you want to leave behind so that your children and your children's child." ~ Leo Marie

Get Leo's Quick Start Guide: https://abundantadvisors.com/quickstart 

This is the free course we talked about. 30 minutes of content across twelve foundational lessons. It's my way to help anyone and everyone make their first step in faith to manage money for God's glory. Once people sign up through that link, they receive a welcome email with the link to enroll.

Connect with Leo and learn more about his course: https://abundantadvisors.com/course

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Leo MarteProfile Photo

Leo Marte

Founder, and Personal CFO

My name is Leo Marte. I run an investment advisory firm that provides Personal CFO services to Christian professionals. We help you plan for the future, invest your assets, and manage your taxes, so you can honor God and build generational wealth.

I currently reside in North Carolina, where my wife and I are raising two beautiful children. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, the gold standard of financial planning expertise. 28% of advisors in the U.S.

I love helping Christians unlock the possibilities of what they can do with their wealth.

After spending over a decade in financial services, I felt God's calling to start my own firm where I focused on Christian Professionals and the unique challenges they face. Although the majority of the population identifies broadly as Christian, none of the large firms that have a market presence focuses on them.

A podcast is a great medium to engage in conversations that go below the surface of generic financial topics. I want to help your audience see the difference of looking at managing wealth through a biblical lens, and working with someone that shares their values.