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March 7, 2022

Surviving Her Storm and Beating Diabetes w/Lynne Bowman

Surviving Her Storm and Beating Diabetes w/Lynne Bowman

On this International Women's Day, I give honor to women everywhere. I especially honor the millions of moms around the world who are mothering solo. Remember you're not alone and you don't have to parent in silence.

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On this episode, I talk with Lynne Bowman whose husband came back from the Vietnam war a different man. Before long Lynne Bowman had to flee across the country with her 3 children to escape a man grappling with what we now call PTSD.

As Lynne struggled to raise her children alone, she was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes. Her mom had died of kidney disease when Lynne was 18 years old. So she was determined to live for her kids.

At 75 years old Lynne now shows others how she got and stayed healthy through her cookbook Brownies for Breakfast.

16:17 - What happened when she went vegan for 6 months

22:35 - Lynne's advice for solo moms

Lynne is a fun vivacious woman who openly shares her struggles in a fun, heartwarming way that's unique to someone who has endured and overcome.

Connect with Lynne: www.lynnebowman.com

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