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Oct. 7, 2020

Discover What You Love - Sheila Stone

Discover What You Love - Sheila Stone

This solo mom did not grab a rocking chair after her kids flew the nest. As an empty nester Sheila went back to school sometimes taking the same classes as her son.

She talks about her experience going back to school and graduating magna cum laude with a BA in cultural anthropology when she was 52 (attending UCLA at the same time as both her sons). Sheila started doing stand-up comedy, moved to Europe, and earned a master's degree in Media & Culture at age 56. "Since I was having trouble finding a decent job afterward (degrees notwithstanding}, I started my own travel business at 60. My story will resonate with a lot of other women who face similar situations."  

Sheila Stone rebuilt her life after divorce. She raised her two sons and went on to discover her true purpose and value. We often hear "this too shall pass". And it's not a cliche.

Solo moms, if you are experiencing what may seems like the worst time of your life. Please remember it gets better. Sheila is proof of that. Listen to her story and you will see.

Connect with Sheila at www.womensharingcultures.com.

Connect with me on Twitter/IG: @jrosemare1

Visit my blog at: www.solomoms.net

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