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Oct. 15, 2019

Hearing No Excuses - Charlotte Barrett

Hearing No Excuses - Charlotte Barrett

"Your pain is your credentials". ~ Charlotte Barrett

Being a solo mom is difficult in all aspects because raising children solo takes added grit and determination.  Charlotte Barrett not only balances taking care of herself and her two young children, but she also makes her life work taking care of other moms. 

Even through relationship difficulties and some physical limitations, this busy mom is hardworking and dedicated and makes no excuses for any challenges she may face. 

Despite having a 13-week old baby, as well as a 10-year-old, Charlotte is a successful entrepreneur whose main goal is to enhance the lives of women, especially mothers, mainly through coaching.  She also hosts her own podcast: Success for a Girl Like Me.

Charlotte has learned to fit self-care into her very busy routine while still figuring ways how to find balance.  Like she says "you have to run your day or your day will run you".

Well said Charlotte.

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