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April 12, 2022

Homeschooled Her 7 Children During Challenging Times w/Mayim Vega

Homeschooled Her  7 Children During Challenging Times w/Mayim Vega

Mayim Vega is a naturopathic herbalist who teaches people the art and science of holistic health and healing.

She found solace in being a mother to her 7 children during a time when she felt her marriage wasn't what she thought it would be.

Mayim homeschooled all her children and raised them without the need for pharmaceutical drugs, conventional medical doctors, or even dentists.

She used motherhood as the impetus for starting an online business and becoming a naturopathic coach.

Mayim who is a former atheist, added some depth to the conversation as we delve into some of our own religious beliefs.

She credits God with helping her to persevere during some challenging times as a wife. I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to have this conversation with Mayim.

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Book mentioned by Mayim: Garden of Peace, by Jewish Rabbi Shalom Arush

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[00:00:00] J. Rosemarie: My guest is Mayim Vega. Thanks for coming and talking to us today. Mayim and I hope I didn't get to the thank you for having sure. it's, it's a pleasure. It's a pleasure to have you here. so tell me about, Mayim [00:00:14] Mayim Vega: Mayim yes. So, yeah. so I am, I'm a naturopathic herbalist and, I have seven children that I have homeschooled and, um, do not have an interesting story.[00:00:27] It's been on my mind lately. Okay. So I'm a, I'm a religious woman, I believe in, you know, the God of the Bible. however, you know, when I was younger, I was, I was into paganism and like witchcraft and stuff like that. Okay. And, I saw, uh, an a. I think it was a fortune teller or an astrologer or something like that.[00:00:50] And she told me that, that I would marry when I was late, when I was older, like in my when I was older in years. Well, [00:01:00] I, I ended up getting married at age 25, but, I felt like. Like after the first, after the first few months of marriage, I felt like I was kind of like, um, abandoned, not, not physically abandoned, but more, um, like mentally and emotionally, you know, that, there's a saying that.[00:01:21] And you know, I don't normally talk about this, but because your show, you know, it's about solo moms, single moms. I'm not really a single mom. I've been. Since 2003, but, you know, because my husband kind of wasn't there for, for me for the first, let's say from 2003 to about, I'd say 2014, it was like he was a good father, but he wasn't there for me as a husband.[00:01:45] So it, it almost felt like we were kind of like, not exactly, but kind of like roommates that were raising children together. And I can imagine that that's kind of like how it's it's like to be single, but have, uh, like somebody, he was a [00:02:00] good father, you know? Anyways. It was really interesting. but, you know, in 2014 there was kind of like this, I think he kinda like had like, you know, coming to God experience like a, like a rebirth and he changed and he kind of, he became the man that.[00:02:16] I thought I married, and that I wanted to marry, but he wasn't that person for many, many years. And then 2014, we actually moved to Texas from California. And I don't know what it was about moving to Texas, maybe because people are more conservative and religious here. Maybe. I don't know. It, it made him more, also more spiritual and more, more religious and more. [00:02:37] And you started reading this book called, Garden of Peace, by Jewish Rabbi Shalom Arush. And that, that book really kind of changed him and made him, I don't know, it just made him this to this like super husband, like it's like better than before. Uh, going back to the fortune teller. [00:02:55] She said that, that I wouldn't marry until I wouldn't meet the one like my sweetheart [00:03:00] until later in my years. And in a way it was true because even though I married him in 2003, he wasn't the man that I thought he was, or I wanted it to be. And really the honest truth is I only stayed with. I only stayed with him because I was religious.[00:03:13] And I was like, well, I'm going to stay with him for the children because he was a good father. He just wasn't there for me. It was like, you know, you know, they say that when you're dating, there's all this love and romance and then all of it, then when you're married, it's all gone. It's all over. It's like all about duties and responsibilities.[00:03:30] That's how I felt like. and he wasn't abusive. He wasn't mean, but he. There. Right. You know, like it's like, he was no longer trying to like, he wanted me like, that's it. Right, right. [00:03:41] J. Rosemarie: yeah, I get that. I've had a mother on before and she actually was married. I had two kids with her husband, but he had two kids.[00:03:53] Three other kids with two different women outside during the 15 years of marriage, but she was still [00:04:00] married to him. And, you know, so I understand, you know, I've, I won't say understand, but I get it, so, I always ask, you know, you to introduce yourself because you know, it, it lays the groundwork for what I'm going to ask later and I will get into, you know, what you do.[00:04:17] If you have a book or, you know, a podcast or anything like that, or coaching these things, we can talk about that. And you know, like people know how to read. But I always like to get to know people I'm nosy. I grew up in England and I'm very nosy. So, so, but I won't ever ask you an inappropriate question. And if I do, you could just tell me, you know, no way, so.[00:04:40] All right. So I appreciate you actually sharing that. And I, I have to ask you a question and there's no condemnation in this. You said you are, then you say you're a Christian, or you just said you're a really religious [00:04:53] Mayim Vega: I'm Jewish. I'm Jewish. Yeah. But I mean, I feel like we have the same God as Christian.[00:05:00] [00:05:00] We have a lot of shared. [00:05:02] J. Rosemarie: Oh yeah. So the Torah is my, you know, those are my favorite readings, you know? Yeah. the, what made you want to talk to a fortune teller? I guess that's what I was getting at. [00:05:14] Mayim Vega: I, you know, back in those days, I grew up Christian and, but, but they were very liberal Christians and that's one of the problems that I had with the Christianity in general is I felt like it was so liberal and Christianity, like, it's like, you can do whatever, like God will forgive you.[00:05:28] God loves you. So whatever, you know, there's not much guidance. And so I really went into. Like witchcraft and paganism and stuff like that. And my belief is that there is a power there, but the God of the Bible is a higher power. It's a higher being. And so we don't need to. it's not that they don't have power, but if you don't serve the God of the Bible, then you will be subject to these other powers.[00:05:53] But when you serve the God of the Bible, you know, he can break the curses and the th the tellings of these fortune tellers and [00:06:00] stuff like that. So, it wasn't really true what she said, but there was some kind of parallel that was very interesting. And it reminded me of that story in the Bible of, was it, king Saul?[00:06:09] You know, he went to see the Ford you teller and, and then, and then the fortune teller kind of told him what would happen. And it came true. And some people say, oh, well, you know, it was like, because he sought that fortune. He made his destiny happened that way. And it's like, well, maybe, or there really is a dark side.[00:06:26] I believe there really is a dark side. And that there really is. Power to that, but God is in control even of the dark side. And if we only serve him, th that will not be effect, it will not affect us. And the dark side, I believe really the dark side is really only there to test us and to give us trials, because ultimately he's in control of both, you know, He fashions light and he creates darkness. That's what the Bible says. He's in control of [00:06:52] all things. [00:06:52] J. Rosemarie: That's true. But we also have to remember that, you know, the darkness is, is real one. And number [00:07:00] two, it's a representation of an entity that wants to take back control from God, because there was a fight in heaven and, and he was thrown out of heaven.[00:07:10] And now he's in the world trying to convince us that his way is better than God. [00:07:15] Mayim Vega: Well, you know, Judaism is a little bit different. I understand the interpretation. I know that temptation and I have this, I have a friend who's, who's Kabalistic and I don't know how you feel about that, but the Kabbalistic interpretation of that is that yes.[00:07:28] Satan let's say right. That it could be like a force. And this is just one interpretation. There are many interpretations, both in Christianity, and Judiasm, and I don't know what, I don't know. What is the correct interpretation? I'm just, we're just talking. So, one of my friends, he talks about how, That he was always meant to be the adversary because in the Hebrew language, that name Satan, it simply means adversary.[00:07:53] And sometimes there are, there are good, good beings that are also called Satan. Not because they are [00:08:00] this angel, but they're acting as an adversary. And I, forgot. Specific examples. So that's the Hebrew. It just means simply adversary and that he is meant to try and test us.[00:08:11] And the whole thing about the rebellion in heaven, I understand where that interpretation comes from, but even the rebellion is all. If it's true. If the rebellion is true, it's still managed by God. He only lets it go as far as he's willing to go. And the only reason why he lets it go any, anywhere is to try our hearts and to test us and to see if we will be loyal and faithful to him and his way.[00:08:34] J. Rosemarie: Yes, that's true. He [00:08:35] did it with Job. That was a good example, what he did with Job. So yeah. Yeah, thank you. Oh, this fix is exciting, but I want to talk to you about seven children because I don't, I don't even know how I couldn't even begin to. how I know you, you ha you have a husband, but [00:09:00] the first few years you, you know, he wasn't really present.[00:09:03] Well, you said he was a good father, so yeah, you have that, but even so with the children, you know, young mommy. So how, what was that like raising seven children?. [00:09:13] Mayim Vega: You know what it's, what kept me going. It's what, it's what inspired me to start my first online business. It's what inspired me to study holistic health and healing and become a naturopathic herbalist.[00:09:25] It's what, it's what quelled me when. I was unhappy with my marriage. My soul is, was, well, at least to have these beautiful children out of it. And I was like, this is enough. This is enough for me to stay. if I were, if I were not walking with God, I'd be like, forget this. This is terrible. Like. I want what's best for me, but I wasn't thinking of what's best for me.[00:09:47] I was thinking what's best for my children. And I knew that for my children, it's better to have a mother and a father now, of course, if he were , physically abusing me or something like that. Or even verbally abusing me that would not have been okay with me. I would have left for sure. [00:10:00] But it was more like neglect and, you know, like apathy, that kind of thing. but because he was a good father and everything was bearable, we were like friends, you know, then it was, but I mean, we're friends, but I would cry like weekly. It was, you know, cause you don't want to, you know, you want a husband, you want someone, you know, just, I'm not trying to diminish, like I did, I did have a lot of pain.[00:10:24] Yeah, but because of the children, I felt like, you know, they are my joy. They're my purpose. They're what makes me, makes me happy. there, why I support, you know, hours of studying into how to raise a whole holistic, healthy family, because the modern medical system was not giving us, The answers that we needed for our problems and my problems.[00:10:43] Like I couldn't, I was having health issues and I couldn't properly take care of my children. so that's why I sought answers. And they would say that my, my children had issues and they didn't really have answers to them. I found the answers to my problems and, yeah, and also I wanted to homeschool my children because I [00:11:00] felt like it's very unnatural to give birth to children.[00:11:03] And then someone else takes care of them for eight hours a week who weren't. And I went to public school and I had. I had a very hard time in public school. I mean, I got into drugs and fornication and all these bad witchcraft and paganism gangs. I got into all these bad things when I was in public school without much direction for my parents.[00:11:24] Now I'm not saying that all public school children will turn out bad, but I certainly did. And so I, you know, that kept me on guard. And so I was like, I want to be there for my children. That's what. And, you know, motivated me to, to build, to become successful in my online business and to become a successful holistic healer and that's, that was really also my, my inspiration when I started.[00:11:45] our school, or ruca.com, to train holistic healers and, and, um, you know, our, our tagline is, you know, become the healer of your home and your community and build a profitable online health coaching business. And really my passion [00:12:00] was, you know, I wanted to reach out to mothers who were in my similar situation, who wanted to be there for their children.[00:12:07] You know, there's, there's a Proverbs 31, the woman of valor. And, she's a businesswoman. She stays at home. She's at home with her family, but she, she makes, she makes things to sell. Right. And she, she invests in real estate. She considers a lot of land and buys it. So. And that's, you know, I believe that that is the ideal.[00:12:28] I don't believe that a woman should only cook and clean and take care of children. I don't believe in that, but it also believed that they should be there for the children. And how do we do this these days? Well, one of the wonderful blessings that God has given us is the ability to create online businesses.[00:12:44] And so that's what I have a passion for is to help women to take charge of their health and their family's health, and take care of them holistically and also, be, be able to be profitable, stay at home moms with online businesses. So those are the two things that, you know, [00:13:00] we, help. People with not just moms, you know, anyone who wants that, but, you know, my heart is for, for women and for mothers, we're taking care of their families.[00:13:10] J. Rosemarie: Yeah. Makes sense. make absolute sense. And so you provide to service then, based on your experience, homeschooling seven children and. two, the holistic health path based on your experience with the medical system and stuff like that. So tell us about those two areas as it relates to what you have to offer.[00:13:32] Well, I don't really provide a homeschooling service. I do have, um, a short, Uh, I do have an email list where I, I talk about how I homeschool. but I don't, that's not really my main thing. That was just a side thing. Cause people always ask me. but I will, I will coach people if they want coaching on anything.[00:13:50] we, you know, I do life coaching, marriage, coaching, parent coach, and it doesn't matter if they value my, if someone comes to me because they value my experience and my [00:14:00] knowledge, I will help them in whatever way I can. Okay. But the main business is really, um, certifying people to become holistic healers, training them in, naturopathy and herbalism and, helping them build online businesses.[00:14:13] Okay. [00:14:14] All right. Thank you. And how can we get in touch with you?. [00:14:16] Well, I do have a YouTube channel. You can go to, if you go to youtube.com/arukah. But I think the best way to get ahold of me is through my website and subscribe to, I have a free mini course that you can subscribe to. It's at www.Arukah.com.[00:14:35] And that's where you get everything. You get my, my latest, um, YouTube video teachings, and also some things that I don't put on YouTube. I'm just, I'm just writing sometimes I just write. and those are sometimes some of my more personal things that I don't want to put publicly on the tube. And then I just want it like, this is, this is something that I wouldn't normally share.[00:14:53] The things I'm sharing here with you. I wouldn't normally share that on my YouTube channel. I'd normally only share that to my email in the [00:15:00] free mini course. but I don't know. I just felt like it would be appropriate to talk about it. but yeah, if you join the mini course, which is by email and it's a mixture of videos and things that I write or type, then you, then you'll get really, uh, probably the best full experience of, my health and life coaching.[00:15:17] Okay. [00:15:18] Mayim Vega: Basically. [00:15:19] J. Rosemarie: All right. Thank you. And, uh, I'll put a link to that in the show notes. So what are you grateful for today?[00:15:24] You know, I'm very grateful for the most is that, my mother, who is in the Philippines, she's. Like over 80 years old, he's going to be moving in with us. And I'm very happy because she lived, she lived in the Philippines for such a long time. She's not been able to be a part of my children's life.[00:15:40] Mayim Vega: And, I think it's an honor and a privilege to take care of. The elderly, you know, because they took care of us, you know, when we were, when we were babies and we were when we were children. So I feel like it's an honor and a privilege to be able to, give back. I really, I really don't like this whole practice of putting, elderly people in these nursing homes where they're not, [00:16:00] they don't see their families or people who truly love them.[00:16:04] And there, there are so many that they don't really get the, the care that they really need. And I know sometimes that's done out of necessity and there's no choice, but, you know, that's another reason why I'm so glad that I'm able to work from home and have a successful online business is that I can take care of my loved ones, not only my children, but even, you know, The elderly and our family.[00:16:24] That's I'm so glad she's going to come here next week on Tuesday,[00:16:27] J. Rosemarie: awesome. Oh wow. Thank you for sharing that with us and sharing your story. SoloMoms! Talk is all about telling our stories. And even though you're not a solo mom, I still feel that what you've talked about is valuable to our audience. give me one piece of advice that you have for a solo mom, a mom raising children alone.[00:16:51] Mayim Vega: I think it's hard, but you can do it. And especially if, you know, if you are solo mom, because you're getting out of a bad relationship, you [00:17:00] should not look. You should not let anyone look down on. For that because you know, usually mothers, they're not, when they leave a relationship, it's not because they're being solved.[00:17:10] Oftentimes, because they're thinking of their own, I mean, their lives and their children's lives, what is the best for them? So don't, you know, it's tough and it's hard. but you know, you, you have a precious dual responsibility. You have both your children and yourself to take care of and it may be hard.[00:17:30] And it may seem like because of your situation, you aren't able to succeed and advance in life, but you will be rewarded. God sees everything that you do, and you will be rewarded in time. When you raise godly children, good children that will love and serve him like me. They will take care of you.[00:17:47] They will honor you when you are older. and. And then of course, even in the afterlife, when we gone, that's when we have the true gift, the true treasures that we may not see in this world, but it will be more precious, [00:18:00] more valuable than anything in this world. [00:18:02] J. Rosemarie: Yeah. Thank you very much for sharing and thank you for coming and talking to me today.[00:18:07] I really appreciate you. All right. So, we'll send, uh, we'll put a link to www.arukah.com and so people could go, you know, and check out your website and your YouTube channel. Once they get there and I'll check it out as well. So Thank you very much, Mayim.

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Mayim Vega is a naturopathic herbalist who teaches people the art and science of holistic health and healing.