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Feb. 19, 2022

Thank you. Celebrating with Multiple Episodes & End of Season 4

Thank you. Celebrating with Multiple Episodes & End of Season 4

This short episode is about keeping in touch and showing my appreciation for your loyalty and support to SoloMoms! Talk.

Follow to get an update as I'll be publishing an episode a week to celebrate my birthday, the end of Season 4, and the end of February.

J. Rosemarie

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[00:00:00] J. Rosemarie: Jen felt like a long time. pal in, about 10 seconds. She's that friend who was really there for you. No matter what, I loved my time as a guest with her, and I'm full of admiration for what she's doing. Five stars from CowgirlMimi from the United States. Time, well spent. Jen's podcast never fails to inspire she providing a wonderful service. The moms. And I was delighted to be a guest on our podcast, five stars from Speaking 24/7 from the United States. Hi, I'm J. Rosemarie and I wanted to just come and say thank you to. All the listeners of solar moms talk. I wanted to call out a couple of people who've taken the time to leave a review for the show on podcast review. I've put the link below. If you want to leave a review for the show or to rate it. I let me let us know what you think. I do. Look at them. I do. I do. I do read them and I [00:01:00] do really sincerely appreciate them. I also appreciate our less. I also appreciate our listeners from. Almost 40 countries worldwide. Moms in the Philippines and India across north and south America. Africa Asia. I really appreciate you listening to this podcast and for your support. And for some time I get emails from listeners and it's really, really. comforting and encouraging and inspiring for me to be able to get feedback from you. So if you haven't left a review for solo moms talk, please, I ask you to click the link below and leave a review. Also, please press that follow button and follow the show. So, you know, when I upload another episode, Which brings me to the reason I'm doing this bonus episode is that I wanted [00:02:00] to tell you, thanks. And I also wanted to apologize for not being more consistent with uploading episodes. So this week to mark the end of season four, we're a seasonal podcast. Where I batch the podcast episodes together in seasons. So to add. And the end of season four will be the end of February. And also to celebrate my birthday. This coming week. I will be releasing an episode a day. From February 20th, the February 28th. So look out for those episodes. This is just to end. The season four, I resume. The once a week episode. After February 24th. So, I appreciate you. I love you. Thank you very, very much for being a fan, being a listener. For sharing for liking [00:03:00] for four rating and leaving a review. Thank you again. And don't forget. If you want to be, if you want to tell your story on solo moms stock, just reach out. Jen@ solomomstalk.com Or there's a link below that will give you access to my booking link. And you could schedule an appointment for yourself and share your story and SoloMoms! Talk. and remember you're not alone so you don't have to parent in silence