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Oct. 22, 2019

This Solo Moms's Slaying It - Andrea M. Pearson

This Solo Moms's Slaying It - Andrea M. Pearson

Moms are busy people in general.  Solo moms twice so.  But if solo moms didn’t already have their hands full consider my guest today: Andrea M. Pearson is a single mom, Entrepreneur, Author, Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor, and Certified Women’s Health & Life Coach. She runs Single Mom Slaying It and Sisterhood of Single Moms on Facebook. 

Of course, her favorite “role,”  is being a mom to her son, Ethan, who is her biggest supporter and teacher in life.

Andrea’s passions include fitness, wellness, and health. She loves inspiring women to be the best they can be, which was an essential factor in the creation of her book. "Single Mom...Slaying It!".

She hopes that writing about her journey as a single mom can help and inspire others as she discusses coping with her divorce, understanding self-care as a single parent, taking control of her life, building friendships, re-entering the dating world, and becoming the best possible parent and person.

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