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Aug. 23, 2022

Finding Your Voice After Marriage w/Eleni Fuiaxis

Finding Your Voice After Marriage w/Eleni Fuiaxis

Eleni Fuiaxis is a solo mom and author of Picky Patrick the story of an eight-year-old boy who seemingly has it all. Picky Patrick starts off one way and ends up being completely different. The book teaches kids the value of self-awareness, gratitude, tolerance, and inclusion.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How as a mother you can help my kids with their own self-awareness?
  • If you've lost your own sense of self, it's not too late to recognize your purpose when life begins to unravel.


[00:05:54] - Losing an identity as a mom.

[00:14:33] - About the book Picky Patrick.

[00:26:00] - How reading to your children helps with your parenting

[00:27:22] - Encouragement for solor moms.

Connect with Eleni on Instagram/Twitter: @elenifuiaxis. And www.mascotbooks.com

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Eleni Fuiaxis

Actress/model turned Author, NYC Elementary school teacher and Entrepreneur

Author, Teacher, SAG Actress, Model, single Motherx2, Self-Education advocate and budding Entrepreneur, Eleni is constantly growing and rediscovering her hidden talents and putting them to the test. Eleni threw caution to the wind and left a lucrative Sales career in NYC to pursue her childhood dream of acting (much to the dismay of her friends and family) at the ripe old age of 30. Without any industry knowledge or contacts, she launched a successful acting and modeling career that has spanned over two decades and is still going strong. In addition to her thriving acting and modeling career, she recently published her first children’s book, Picky Patrick and has added publishing to her repertoire. During the height of Covid, she switched gears yet again and became a Certified Teacher in New York City to serve and give back to her community. She has overcome self-doubt, divorce and a multitude of obstacles and has re-invented herself more times than she can count. Eleni is living a purpose-driven life and hopes to inspire and motivate other men and women (especially mothers!) to get out of their way, get out of their comfort zone, listen to their intuition, find their life‘s passion and LIVE IT OUT LOUD. Take that leap of faith and apply for that promotion, write that book, tell your story, change your career, get out of that destructive relationship, stop self-sabotaging and invest in yourself because you’re worth it!